“It it uncommon to meet with someone who is not only knowledgeable and skillful in their field of practice, but also genuine and compassionate. Possessing these qualities, Dr. Gordon's diverse, yet specialized background, which he has assembled and nurtured for more than 15 years, manifests in his ability to create a space in which multi-modal learning and healing is wholly facilitated. My personal experience with Dr. Gordon, as both a student of his Medical Qi Gong Seminar and as a patient, have truly promoted heart-opening opportunities and insights that have been relevant and helpful in many ways on my own path. I am very grateful to Dr. Gordon for sharing the special knowledge he has acquired in a sacred way with many people and look forward to participating in further meaningful experiences with him.“

- Shamelle Gonzalez

“After dealing with a chronic physical ailment for years and trying different medical approaches (mostly conventional), I went to see Dr. Jason Gordon, upon a friend's recommendation. †Dr. Gordon thoroughly reviewed my situation and came up with an approach that tackled my issues at many levels, not only the physical manifestation of my dis-ease. †By combining acupuncture, Medical Qigong, Brennan Energy work, herbs, oxygen therapy, as well as prescribing a dietary regimen, Dr. Gordon helped me heal. †Not only was my physical ailment addressed, but the underlying psychological and energetic issues that had created it in the first place, came to light and were dealt with. †Dr. Jason is a master healer with the necessary tools to approach the human body in a multi-dimensional, holistic and comprehensive way. †I believe that in this type of approach lies the future of medicine.“

- Maribel Ramirez

“I was referred to Dr. Jason Gordon by a very good friend, who thought that perhaps Dr. Gordon could help me with my fertility issues. Little did I know then, that my sessions with Dr. Gordon would change my life forever.

I have been benefiting from Dr. Gordon's services for two years now. When I first came into his clinic I had no knowledge whatsoever of Eastern Medicine or its practices, but Dr. Gordon meets you where you are and from there it becomes a journey on your own terms. One of the things that I love and find fascinating about Eastern Medicine is that it looks at and treats the person as a whole; so Dr. Gordon has been addressing my fertility problems not just on a physical level, but by looking into my mind, body and spirit as well. This way of thinking has changed me in so many wonderful ways- it has changed how I look at life, changed the way I treat others, it has inspired me to eat clean and to care about what I put into my body, and Dr. Gordon has helped me overcome ailments that I have struggled with for years (eg. chronic headaches, acne, etc.). I truly cannot put into words how much Dr. Gordon has changed not only my life, but the lives of those around me. His natural and holistic approaches to healing have led me to an amazing place in my life- physically, mentally, and spiritually. I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Gordon and his clinic. If you are unsure about it, I would suggest just going for one session and seeing how the experience feels for you.“

- Jennine Fuentes (Regarding Dr. Gordon's Clinical Practice)

“I have attended almost two segments of the qigong teachings by Dr. Jason Gordon and I have to say that I am hooked! My intention was to attend only the first segment (for self cultivation purposes) however I soon found myself extremely fascinated with the knowledge and practice I was receiving, so I decided to continue. It has even inspired me to check-out and read a multitude of books from the library about qigong, neigong, and other branches of eastern medical practice. In the first segment we were introduced to a bit of the history behind qigong, the basic concepts, and many exercises/meditations. During the second segment we expanded on what we learned in segment one; began learning new concepts and more about how to be a practitioner. The classes themselves were scheduled with ample breaks so you wouldnít feel overwhelmed or too tired. Iím very excited to continue learning and growing and I hope that one day I may be able to help others reach greater levels of healing too. I have gotten so much out of these classes that I just want everyone else to feel and experience how amazing this information and practice is! Dr. Gordon is an excellent teacher and it is apparent that he is passionate about the subject. As someone who went into the first day of class without any prior knowledge of what qigong even was, I can honestly say that Dr. Gordon did a fantastic job of explaining the exercises and concepts. He is patient and takes the time to make sure that all the students understand what is being taught. I think itís safe to say that I highly recommend these classes and seminars!“

- Jennine Fuentes (Regarding Dr. Gordon's Self Cultivation Teachings)

“This is the most powerful, enlightening, educational and transformational training I have ever experienced in my entire 13 years in the spiritual and healing arts. I recommend this training to anyone who wishes to empower themselves to reach their highest potential in life and/or wishes to dedicate their lives in the service of their higher self and all beings. Thank you Jason, really. Your teachings are of the highest quality and facilitate deep spiritual growth.“

- Lisa Mendez

“Sometimes in our lives we are faced with difficult situations, which may lead to transitional phases. Transitions may prove to be more difficult than anticipated, throw you off kilter, and may last longer than expected. This, at times, may happen without personal knowledge and may lead to physical symptoms. Thatís why I am glad I met Dr. Jason Gordon. He sees the human organism through a holistic lens. When treating patients, he takes into account the emotional, environmental, and energetic factors that play a role in the patientís symptomatology. He goes beyond what is typically studied in Western medicine and sees the interconnection between the Self and physical symptoms. Moreover, he is refreshingly grounded.
Dr. Gordonís work comes from an innate place of selflessness, without attachment, and individualized care for his patients. I look back and see the difference that his treatments have done for my life. He helped me ground, attain clearer personal awareness, and provided me with tools for self-cultivation. He has positively impacted my life, and I am sure that he will continue to help countless others. I highly recommend him.“

- Carolina Raeburn, MS

“I have had the honor to receive medical care from Dr. Jason Gordon and also directly participated in one of his Medical Qi Gong Training. †Jason is a very talented medical practitioner and highly intuitive. Furthermore, his high level of ethics and integrity ensures that his clients receive the highest level of care. †The atmosphere is both relaxed and professional at once providing a very powerful and enjoyable experience. †The results on the medical/ physical level are astounding. Yet, the blessings one receives from a session with Jason go way beyond the physical aspects of oneself. Thank you Jason for your commitment to excellence and the betterment of humanity“

- Allesandrina Lerner

“I met Jason Gordon around 10 years ago. I always admired him and thought he was a really cool guy, but it wasn't until last year when I had the opportunity to take his Qi Gong classes (5 segments, 200 hours) that I realized what a knowledgeable, intelligent, mature, focused and passionate man he is! He dedicated his life to the study and practice of various healing arts and with a strong spiritual background he became an awesome teacher and amazing healer. I feel very blessed for his friendship! Thank you Jason for sharing your knowledge with us and for taking care of us in such a special way!“

- Cristina Delcomune