Quality Standards

Alchemical Courtyard offers you a uniquely different shopping experience, as our stores provide an array of quality products selected for their integrity as well as their social and economic consciousness.

Our Selection Criteria


Whenever possible, we chose third-party audited and certified products to ensure compliance with good quality assurance practices, this includes products that are certified organic, Demeter-Certified Biodynamic®, and GMP certified.

Verifiable potency, safety and reliability

Our Product Specialists review the manufacturing processes used to produce both the product and its ingredients. During the review process, we consider and evaluate the following: 

  • Sustainability and fair trade practices.
  • Microbiological specifications and finished product testing to verify that a reasonable and safe standard is met.
  • Full disclosure of all ingredients in a product.
  • The use of certified organic and/or wild crafted ingredients where available.
  • For non-ingestible products, such as an article of clothing from a small remote village, or an energetic healing product from an indigenous tribe, we may make an exception to the ‘everything organic' policy that we otherwise require. In such circumstances, we still evaluate the raw materials, the process, and the overall operation to ensure you are getting a pure product—as one supplier comments, “the principles of biodynamic farming—and deep ecology—are based in thinking about the earth and its indigenous plants and animals in a holistic, sacred way”. We understand the orientation of the producers, and though they have not navigated the rigors of organic certification, we do not want to exclude superior products based on certification standards that may not be feasible.
  • Valid scientific testing, as well as traditional healing and wellness support, to verify efficacy claims. We do not accept claims that are unsupported or based solely on testimonials or fads.
  • Drying methods utilized for botanicals. We exclude some of the common methods because they transform a wonderful plant into an ineffectual powder.
  • Carriers, excipients and processing aids used in manufacturing, which might dilute the potency of the finished good and often contain GMOs or synthetic ingredients.