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Like a Finger Pointing to the Moon:
Realizing our goals, amplifying the vehicles that move us there

“We do not so much long to know the meaning of life as we long to feel alive and to have an experience of ourselves in it.” (Joseph Campbell).

How many of us feel the rapture of being alive? We all crave it yet do we seize life in a way that cultivates vitality? We all simply want to be moved, yet do we live our lives in ways that allow us to be touched and moved? Without movement there is stagnation, illness and disinterest.  To be moved, we require a vehicle.

Through touching on the topics of health, longevity, personal fulfillment, self development, religion and spirituality, we explore questions such as:

• What is a vehicle?
• What is a vehicle of transformation?
• Why are vehicles of transformation important to us?
• What is common to all vehicles of transformation?
• What is the cornerstone of how vehicles move us?
• What is common to all human beings?
• What is it that all human beings want?
• How do we bridge the gap between what we have as human beings and what we want as human beings?

The book starts a conversation that investigates these questions and proposes ideas in response to them, all in the spirit of exploration. And, it offers a model to guide people into healthy self cultivation practices.

In short, the book:
• Takes us on a tour of myth, the myths that shape our lives as well as the myth we tell ourselves about who we are.
• Brings us to look at the many vehicles of transformation available in the world today.
• Highlights what is common among vehicles of transformation and what needs to be present when engaging a vehicle of transformation in order to be moved most effectively.
• Comments on the make-up of every human being at any given moment and points out that the conglomerate of who we are is no more than the conglomerate of every relationship we have with all people, places and things.
• Comments on what we have in our lives and why we have it and on what we want for our lives and why we don't have it.
• Suggests that bridging the gap between what we have and what we want is a matter of engaging a vehicle of transformation where the focus is on the common threads among vehicles.

By the end of the book, we are given a fresh way of looking at our existence in the world and a guide for starting the journey toward self cultivation. For those already on a path of self development, it offers food for thought that might help us reorient to a healthier and more fulfilling relationship with ourselves and our developmental practices.

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