Interviews with the world's most respected healers, sages, wellness practitioners and teachers

Dan Atchison-Nevel is one of the teachers of teachers in the Chinese Medicine tradition.  He is the founder of NSEV Healing and has a thriving clinical practice in Miami, Florida.

Barbara Benagh is one of the most senior Yoga teachers in the United States.  Decades before Yoga was trendy, Barbara was humbly teaching from her Boston studio.  Barbara continues to share her unique and eclectic style in the Boston area and around the world.

Stephan Panebianco is an Integrative Medical Doctor out of Tucson, Arizona.  He is one of the first doctors to graduate from the University of Arizona's fellowship in Integrative Medicine.

Roseanne Farano is an author a sagely therapist whose perspective defies a particular school of thought and operates from universal wisdom and decades of clinical experience.  Roseanne lives and maintains a clinical practice in New York.