Healthcare Perspectives - Prayer and Meditation

Prayer and Meditation, within the health care fields, fall into the category of mind-body techniques. Quite possibly the most ancient of all sciences, the inner technologies of Prayer and Meditation presents one an opportunity to directly access the creative and healing forces of the world, as well as within their own mind and bodies, through the intentional and contemplative experiences of thought, feeling and emotion.

Strengthening the mind-body connection, Prayer and Meditation, along with other types of mind-body techniques including support groups, hypnosis, biofeedback, and creative outlets such as art, music or dance therapy, have been found to be beneficial for many conditions including anxiety, depression, stress, high blood pressure and heart disease. Also, they are a very useful component in the management of severe, chronic or terminal illness. Variations of prayer and meditative practices are found in all of the world's religions and have always had the healing role of infusing the physical with the divine or the subtle.

Prayer and Meditation for healing can be complex and highly individualized and are not meant to replace traditional treatments and care but rather to enhance them. They are most often recommended as supplements that round out traditional care to complete a more holistic approach to an individuals healing needs - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The physiological effects of many forms of meditation and the quiet incantations of praying, or the comfort of being prayed for by others, eases the mind and the emotions during illness or times of duress and lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones and slows the heart rate.

Many studies show that there are numerous positive physiological, mental and emotional benefits to the practices of Prayer and Meditation as related to health and greater quality of life both in times of critical need and in regular daily life. As modern science continues to validate a multi-faceted relationship between our inner thoughts and feelings with the outer world that surrounds us, Prayer and Meditation remain to be the most immediate and cost-effective complimentary medicine and self empowerment means available.

Healing Modalities within Prayer and Meditation

  • Baha'I Faith
  • Hinduism
  • Shinto
  • Buddhism
  • Isis
  • Sikhism
  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Sufism
  • Clairvision Techniques
  • Jainism
  • Taoist Meditation
  • Confucianism
  • Judaism
  • Theosophy
  • Gnostic Ritual
  • Kabbalah
  • Yoga
  • Guided Healing Meditation
  • Shamanism


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