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Feng Shui (pronounced "fung shway") is a complex art and practice involving many disciplines from site planning to psychology. Based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of the dynamic flow of energy throughout the universe, the roots of Feng Shui date back 3,000 to 6,000 years. The literal translation is "wind and water". It is also known as the ancient art of placement.

Underlying the practical guidelines of Feng Shui is a fundamental theory of the process of Nature and a conscious connection with it. Nature, with its many relative parts which make up the whole, is generally held to be an interconnected organism that breathes chi (life force or universal energy) and any imbalances within this flow of energy in private or public spaces would lead to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disease. Thus the goal of Feng Shui is to orient dwellings, possessions, land and landscaping, etc., so as to be attuned with the flow of universal energies that optimize the health, prosperity and overall quality of life for individuals and society.

Feng shui was first used to determine the best sites for tombs. Later it was used to site palaces, government buildings and monuments, until finally whole cities were designed and built according to Feng Shui principles. Over time, the classical practice of Feng Shui developed to include detailed observation of a living, functional world and the way in which earth's energy affects the intricacies our daily lives.

Therefore, Feng Shui is not solely a decorating style but it is an ancient art whose guidelines are compatible with and enhance many different decorating styles. As an adaptable system involving a mixture of geographical, spiritual, philosophical, mathematical, aesthetic, and astrological ideas, the essence of Feng Shui synthesized with other bodies of knowledge meeting the specific requirements of culture, geographic climate, and human uniqueness, can be applied to any space and time.

Ultimately, Feng Shui is both an intuitive and practical art of living with a conscious connection between the inner world of our selves and each other and our outside environment- be it our homes, our places of work or shared public spaces.

Healing Modalities within Feng Shui/Vaastu

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