Healthcare Perspectives - Creative Arts

The essential process of healing with [Creative Arts] art, music, dance and countless other creative avenues involves our own personal expression of both the gift and the mystery of life. Creative expression through the arts allows us to experience parts of ourselves that may not have been reveled to us otherwise. When we are troubled or challenged with a physical or mental problem or when we need to grow, we start to heal ourselves with art by opening ourselves up to our inner voices. Healing and art comes from withinů it is a return to and an expression of wholeness involving the physical, mental, emotional and the spiritual aspects of our being and our world.

By expressing ourselves creatively, we both inspire possibilities and document our experience in a profound way. The flow of creativity is the flow of life and the flow of healing itself. Byproducts of the creative, artistic experience are greater self-awareness, the confidence to process feelings and emotions, and the ability to articulate and share these feelings and emotions with others. Therapeutic modalities using art often employ a loose format of free expression designed to elicit a creative response that not only allows the release of stress issues, grief, anger and shame but also simply reinforces feelings of joy, confidence and well-being.

Quotes on creativity:

"To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly."
Henri Bergson

My feeling is that the concept of creativeness and the concept of the healthy, self-actualizing, fully-human person seem to be coming closer and closer together, and may perhaps turn out to be the same thing.
(Maslow, 1963)

It seems increasingly certain that healing and creativity are different pieces of a single picture...Creativity in terms of physiological processes means then physical healing, physical regeneration. Creativity in emotional terms consists then of establishing, or creating, attitude changes....Creativity in the mental domain involves the emergence of a new and valid synthesis of ideas, not by deduction, but springing by "intuition" from unconscious sources.

The entrance, or key, to all these inner processes we are beginning to believe, is a particular state of consciousness...[called] reverie.... (Green, Green, & Walters, 1971)

Healing Modalities within Creative Arts

  • Dance
  • Humor
  • Singing
  • Music
  • Painting/Drawing
  • Writing
  • Drama
  • Pottery


Require a minimum of master's level training and state psychotherapy licensure

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