Navigating today's healthcare is a daunting task. Complexity aside, the sheer quantity of information is nearly incomprehensible for any one individual to possibly comprehend. Further, with the advent of the internet, access to this information has increased exponentially. With this flood of information, how does one know whom or what to trust?

In order to make sense of this medical menagerie, one often needs a medical degree to try to digest the information in any useful way. Additionally, the amount of time and energy it takes to collect the information needed to make informed decisions about one's health and well-being is overwhelming.

Furthermore, if we are ill and compromised, our level of energy and ability to focus is clearly lacking. In this case, we are at the mercy of either the perspective of the loved one's around us, or the results of our initial, perhaps unsophisticated searches for knowledge and insight.

Alchemical Courtyard's Yellow Courtyard was born out of this need. It allows the individual to become the explorer of their own health and wellness. We see ourselves as providing the map, compass, and heading for your journey into Inclusionary Health™.

Alchemical Courtyard's Yellow Courtyard:

  • Provides an organized and trustworthy exposure to an extensive array of healing traditions and modalities from around the world.
  • Provides a place where this multitude of traditions can be preserved and practiced in their authenticity.
  • Provides a place to empower people through education to make informed choices for their own well-being.
  • Personalizes the relationships between healthcare providers and healthcare consumers and creates more accountability with healers and healing institutions
  • Provides a place where a carefully designed network of highly respected and experienced practitioners from many different orientations can exist and collaborate to develop customized treatment options.
  • Provides a highly advanced technological platform that consolidates an individual's medical records, allowing you and the selected practitioners from your healing team to share important information that will make their collaborations more efficient and effective.
  • The bottom line is that with today's medical landscape, we are left with little choice but to participate in our own healthcare. And, our effectiveness in doing so is often compromised for one reason or another. Alchemical Courtyard's Yellow Courtyard offers you the education, technology, organization and coordination to identify your needs, assess your options, and employ those you may call on for help.

Inclusionary Health

“Inclusionary” means that all responsible healthcare disciplines, from all cultures and sub-cultures, are given equal status as possible modalities in a patient's potential treatment regimen. A group of these modalities may be selected for inclusion, in a customized and integrative fashion, to address a person's total health and medical needs. “Alternative” and “complementary” signify or imply a “substitution” to Western medical treatment, or “one additional” mode of treatment, discounting other valuable and legitimate forms of treatment. “Inclusionary” means the examination of the many possibilities available, and then making choices to use those modalities that best fit with the patient's customized treatment strategy. In addition to including each responsible medical system as a stand-alone option in any individual's course of treatment, Inclusionary Health™ also considers that integration of systems, collaboration among different providers, continuity-of-care, and a holistic mindset are important to consider when generating a customized healthcare plan. These frameworks are also included in the realm of possibilities in determining your personalized direction towards reaching your goals. Simply, Yellow Courtyard includes all possibilities in helping you identify your needs and choices as well as maintaining the tools to support your decisions with information and treatment options.

Healthcare Perspectives

For optimal health, it is important to consider each facet of our lives. Finding harmony and fulfillment in all aspects is crucial for living the life we desire. Gratefully, there are many vehicles we can engage to facilitate our optimal health and well-being. Yet, the vast healthcare landscape is rich in ancient traditions and modern innovations that can often prove difficult to get our heads around. Perhaps this breakdown of “Healthcare Perspectives” can be of help in putting the overall healthcare landscape into context. With a map of the terrain, we can see that there are systems for addressing the many components of who we are, and many choices therein to personalize the way we engage in the cultivation of our lives.