Departments & Subsidiaries

Alchemical Courtyard has been developed as a living, dynamic organization. It is ever exploring, learning and growing and as a result, it requires a framework that can accommodate its large vision. The seven divisions of Alchemical Courtyard are that very framework. While life can be compartmentalized in many ways, this seven-department container was established to house Alchemical Courtyard's initiatives that span the full landscape of the human experience. While there is often overlap across these fabricated divisions of life, the structure has served in providing order to the vast vision of Alchemical Courtyard. Some of our initiatives have begun, some await their turn, some are in development and some are yet to be conceived. We are interested in building community and in cooperative efforts, so please approach us with your ideas. And keep in mind:  our imagination is the only thing limiting what this seven-department container can accommodate.

Alchemical Courtyard's Seven Departments:

  • Religion, Science and Spirituality
  • Health and Healing
  • Childhood Education and Pedagogy
  • Art and Entertainment
  • The Culinary Arts
  • Agriculture and Environment
  • Retreats and Adventures

Religion, Science and Spirituality

The religion, science and spirituality department brings an inclusive perspective into the world of philosophy, science and the world's wisdom traditions.

There are ancient religions and spiritual traditions, and there are still new ways of seeing things and articulating things that arise in modern times. Many are confused about what to practice or believe. Others are prejudiced because they lack understanding. And too, some are following blindly because they don't know better.

Is there a place where religions of the world are preserved and practiced in their authenticity while also appreciating communities coming together without the boundaries? Alchemical Courtyard aims to be among them.

Health and Healing

The health and healing department brings an inclusive perspective into the landscape of medicine and well-being.

There are hundreds of healing systems and even more modalities to choose from within the medical landscape. Most of us don't realize the resources at our disposal. For those that do glimpse the options within the world of medicine, many are confused or overwhelmed by the choices.

Imagine having a roadmap for navigating personal healthcare challenges, a personalized health educator and concierge, the benefit of a collaborative healthcare team, and integrative, customized healthcare suggestions tailored to our own specific needs. The health and healing department provides the tools and the information to take control of our own total health.

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Childhood Education and Pedagogy

The childhood education and pedagogy department brings an inclusive perspective into the art and science of raising and education children.

The orientations for raising our children and educating our youth are plentiful, but many don't know that there are incredible options beyond the mainstream, or that an integration of methods can be used, or used more effectively in some cases. An inclusive perspective allows for flexibility and helps bring awareness to the dynamic process unfolding for the child, parent and the educator. At every step in the process, a reciprocal offering presents itself and has the potential to build mutual honor and respect among parents and children, teachers and children, and between parents and teachers. Through inclusively applying the world's perspectives to the art of pedagogy and education, we can nurture and cultivate the gifts within the child, parent and educator.

Art and Entertainment

The art and entertainment department brings an inclusive perspective to the inexhaustible, creative outlets of the human mind and spirit.

Life is celebrated through art and ceremony across the globe and it is also used as technology for advancing our spirit and creating community amidst diversity. How much do we know about the way other cultures express themselves through the creative and martial arts? How well do we know the capacity for art to move us in ways that make us better people? How acquainted are we with the power of art to heal people and nations?

The art and entertainment department is a also a platform for supporting the creation and distribution of essence-based artistic inspiration and education. We act as a safe haven for artists to share their gifts, express their passions and to find nurturing support in their development as multidimensional human beings.

The Culinary Arts

The culinary arts department brings an inclusive perspective to the art and science of a culinary experience and to our relationship with every link in the chain that creates one.

In what ways do we realize the connection between the entire culinary chain, from agriculture to chewing, digesting and assimilating the food we eat? Do we realize that we have a relationship with food? Do we realize our relationship with food is a powerful means for self-reflection? Do we realize that we eat with all of our senses? Do we realize that food is a means of self-expression and nourishment of body, mind and spirit as much as it is something we do three times a day to live? Do we see the art in the way various cultures use the same tools to create such unique expressions of sustenance?

How much inquiry have we put into our relationships with the many aspects of nourishment?  For example, have we truly considered the earth's involvement, in nurturing that which nourishes us (a harvest for example), seasonal intelligence in food production, global economics in food consumption, food energetics, food thermodynamics, food as an energetic conductor, and our emotional and psychological relationships associated with times, places and scenarios around which foods we eat?

Agriculture and Environment

The agriculture and environment department brings an inclusive perspective to our relationship with the natural world and the reciprocity those relationships command.

Our planet provides for us and we, in turn, have a responsibility to reciprocate. But how many of us know how much the earth provides for us and how to best utilize the gift we are given? How many of us realize the ways we can better reciprocate to ensure a longer and healthier relationship with the earth? Through initiative in environmental education, agriculture, and natural power sourcing we can play a small part in bringing awareness to the ways we can live healthy, sustainable lives in harmony with the earth.

Retreats and Adventures

The retreats and adventures department brings an inclusive perspective to the idea that it's important to work hard, to rest hard, to play hard and to do this in the context of cultivating ourselves into better human beings.

The outer adventure is a reflection of our internal experience. As such, Alchemical Courtyard provides opportunities that support an outer adventure and an inner awareness in the process. While it is one thing to receive teachings and to speak of our lives, it is another to touch the world directly and to have an authentic experience of ourselves in the process. The demands of our lives can challenge this prospect, which often relegates us to our comfort with the norm. It is important to take time away from the everyday, comfortable, status quo of our lives to gain perspective. Taking time away from the norm can change our rhythm and shed light on our lives. It can offer much needed insight, much needed rest, or it can simply offer much needed fun. A retreat enriches and informs our everyday lives; adventure enlivens it.