Medical Qigong: 200 Hour Practitioner Certification Training

This program provides skills and tools that can be integrated into your personal healthcare practices and/or your professional work. 

Program Highlights
  • A 200 hour training in Medical Qigong, the economics of energy and the power of cultivating energetic sensitivity
  • Five, 40 hour segments
  • Each student will receive a Medical Qigong Practitioner Certification upon completion of all 5 segments.
  • CEU’s Provided for Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists
  • The first segment can be taken by anyone interested in Medical Qigong for self cultivation and is valuable as a stand alone program.  A certificate of accomplishment will be given upon completion of the first segment and upon completion of the entire 200 hour curriculum. 
Qi (chee): means air, breath of life, or vital energy that flows through all things in the universe.
Gong:         means the skill of working with, or cultivating, self-discipline and achievement.
Qigong:     is a mind-body practice that improves one's mental and physical health by integrating postures, breathing techniques, and focused intention.

Medical Qigong
Medical Qigong is a complete system of medicine that recognizes the root causes of symptoms or disease, and treats the patient as a whole.

As with all the branches of Chinese Medicine (Medical Qigong, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, & Medical Massage), healing occurs through balancing Qi or electromagnetic energy which surrounds and pervades all living creatures. The goal of the Medical Qigong Practitioner is to correct these bio-energetic imbalances and blockages. This enables the body to strengthen and regulate the internal organs, the nervous system and the immune system, relieve pain, regulate hormones, and strengthen and release deep-seated emotions and stress.  By mastering the skills to affect the different levels of the energetic world, we create a powerful ability to heal many diseases.

Program Overview
Using the Chinese Medical model, we will dive into understanding internal energetics, external energetic and the interplay between internal and external energetic.  This will inform us of the responsibility we have as human beings to become aware of our role in the ever flowing exchange of energy at all times.  This awareness is the crux of creation, of becoming a healthcare practitioner, and of becoming the change you wish to see in the world.

This program emphasizes the analytical/deductive and intuitive approaches to comprehending and utilizing Medical Qigong therapy for cultivation, regulation and clinical application. The experiential aspects of the course are well balanced with a solid theoretical foundation.   Training in the ancient and subtle energetic wisdom of Chinese Medicine, we learn skills of diagnosis and treatment by experiencing different exercises, meditations, and hands on instruction.

Program Curriculum - Broken down into Five, 40 hour segments
The certification program is based on the curriculum that has been established at the Medical Qigong College at the Hai Dian University and used clinically at the Xi Yuan Medical Qigong Hospital in Beijing, China.  The training’s foundational information and clinical practices have been acquired, organized and developed by the International College of Medical Qigong and the International Institute of Medical Qigong.

Segment 1 - Introduction to Medical Qigong and Self Cultivation
The first segment is designed to introduce the students to energetic Anatomy and Physiology, energetic Embryological Development, and basic theories of energy tonification, purgation, and regulation of the body's internal organs and channels. In this session you will learn a set of Qigong exercises to strengthen your body and immune system, regulate the internal organs, nervous system, and hormones, relieve pain, and regulate and release deep-seated emotions and stress.

Segment 2 - Introduction to Medical Qigong Treatment Protocol
The second segment is designed to introduce the students to the Medical Qigong treatment protocol. Students will learn further theories of energy purgation, tonification, regulation and cultivation, as well as techniques used to avoid absorbing Toxic Qi while treating in a clinical environment. Students are led through a series of advanced Shen Gong (Spirit
Cultivation) meditations and exercises, used to develop advanced intuitive diagnostic skills.

Segment 3 - Clinical Foundations of Medical Qigong Therapy
The third segment is designed to give the students a deeper comprehension of the body's energetic matrix as it pertains to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Disease, Diagnosis, and the Medical Qigong Clinic. The focus will be placed on integrating clinical Qigong modalities, advanced assessment, sound therapy, advanced Qi emitting techniques (including Invisible Needle, Energy Ball, etc.), and the development of the practitioner's ability to vibrate energy in order to break stagnation.

Segment 4 - Treatment of Organ Diseases & Medical Qigong Prescription Exercises
The fourth segment is designed to introduce students to the advanced theories and clinical modalities of internal organ treatment, as well as the Medical Qigong exercises and meditations prescribed as homework in the Medical Qigong Clinic. In this session students learn specific protocols to treat disease of the internal organs (Liver, Heart, Lungs, Spleen, Stomach, and Kidneys).

Segment 5 - Clinical Theatre, Internship, and Final Examination
The clinical segment offers theoretical and practical exams as well as exposure and firsthand experience of Medical Qigong diagnoses and treatments. It will be the culminating event for the certification program. The student will experience different aspects of energetic dysfunctions and symptom manifestations. The instructor will guide and evaluate in all phases of diagnosis and treatment during the Clinical Theater and Internship phases.

Additional Requirements
A clinical externship logging 25 documented treatments is required for graduation.

Who May be Interested in Attending this Training?
This program is best suited for all laypeople interested in personal growth and self cultivation, all people interested in Chinese Energetic Medicine, all health care professionals looking to broaden their practice or deepen their subtle, clinical awareness, and all students of Chinese Medicine. The certification program is designed to teach the theory and practical application of Medical Qigong Therapy.