Like a Finger Pointing to the Moon: A 3 Hour Exploration into the Landscape of Self Cultivation

This immersion into the landscape of self-cultivation will illuminate the responsibility we have as human beings to become aware of our role in the ever flowing exchange of energy at all times. This awareness is the crux of creation, the foundation of self healing, the cornerstone of becoming a healthcare provider and the essence of “being the change you wish to see in the world.”

The “Like a Finger Pointing to the Moon” series is an exploration into the landscape of self-cultivation.  The series includes courses of:

• Three Hours
• One Day
• Two Days
• 40 Hours
• One Year Training

Each course has the same goal to:
  • Frame the landscape of self-cultivation
  • Introduce the fundamentals of all self-cultivation vehicles
  • Introduce specific vehicles of transformation used to assist our self-cultivation efforts
  • Share practical techniques to incorporate into our daily lives

The courses are exploratory in nature and incorporate:
  • Lecture
  • Group conversation
  • Group process
  • Dynamic exercise
  • Meditation
  • Breathing practices 

The three hour course offers just enough time to:
  • Outline the concept of self-cultivation
  • Introduce vehicles of transformation
  • Understand the importance of mindful relationship to all things in bridging the gap between what we have and what we want in life
  • Offer a few powerful techniques to take home and incorporate into daily life