1 Week Young Men's Wilderness Based Retreat

 The Hero’s Journey for Young Men

We invite you on a heroic journey;
into the wild with us;
into the wilderness of your own heart;
into your most vital and true self;
the living treasure of who you really are;
the treasure of your gift to the world.

What is a Hero’s Journey?

A Hero's Journey is an ageless and timeless immersion into the transformative currents of personal and planetary evolution. It calls us to leave behind the familiar horizons of home and venture forth into the unknown. It calls us to the adventure of our one, true life.

Our work is inspired by the teachings of Joseph Campbell’s mythic scholarship along with leading-edge explorations of human consciousness and evolutionary development. It is also informed by a vital experience of the natural world and the wisdom held by the oldest ways of human existence on the Earth. We follow a transformational paradigm that has guided the evolution of consciousness within every culture and tradition since the beginning of time and seek an assimilation that will enliven our existence today.

There is a place inside each of us which longs to be recognized, to see and be seen. The process begins with our heeding that inner call to a greater life; taking leave of home and letting go of what is familiar and known; crossing a threshold and courageously entering new terrain that hosts both our angels and our demons; encountering allies and inner resources precisely as we need the support; discovering life-renewing vision along with a source of love and power capable of bringing that vision into fruition; and finally, returning home to celebrate the boon for our self and our people. This is a remarkable, inevitable and unforgettable passage.

You will be joined by other young men from various walks of life, who are seeking a life-altering adventure to support them through a significant transition in their relationship to their own personal lives and way of being in the world.

What to Expect...

From a spiritual perspective, we encourage you to take up the posture of… expect nothing, be ready for anything. That said, this is what you are likely to encounter as part of your wilderness transformation experience...

We gather on an open mountaintop located in the heart of the Monongahela National Forest, next to Spruce Knob, the highest peak in West Virginia. We sleep under the darkest skies in the Eastern US, giving us a profoundly inspiring night sky to reflect upon each evening. The combination of breathtaking views, and deep wilderness forest, is an awe-inspiring mirror for our journey into the territory of our own hearts.

An exceptional team of guides and an experienced community of elders will help you clarify and energize your heroic journey in a way that serves your unique passage through this phase of your life and is likewise directed to enliven the whole of life. We will be camping together in a remote primitive setting, and joining the elder Men’s Journey for some meals and activities. Due to the rustic and isolated nature of the location, cell phone service is not available, and external distractions are kept to a bare minimum.

We collaborate in the preparation of our own breakfast each day, and other meals will be provided by our own chef and cooking teams, and we accommodate all dietary needs and restrictions. It is our intention that you be nourished and sustained physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. We live our Hero’s Journey, first, for our own healing—and foremost, that we may offer our most vital and visionary self for the healing of the world.

The investment for this week long intensive is $1995.00

To Register:
Please contact the Alchemical Courtyard at +1-888-247-2140 or send us an email.
Contact the The Hero’s Journey Foundation directly.